Ken Matsubara
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
Solo Exhibitions
2020 “Utsusemi” Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto. / Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg / Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris. /
Mizuho Oshiro Gallery, Kagoshima
2019 “Utsusemi” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.
2018 “Spring Steps” Loko Gallery, Tokyo
“Repetitión” Galeria Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid
2017 “Hou-chou” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.
2016 “Hou-chou” Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris. / “Hou-chou” La Chambre, Strasbourg.
“Repetition - Book” Galeria del Paseo, Punta del Este.
2015 “Repetition - Book” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.
2014 “Repetition” Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona / MA2 Gallery, Tokyo /
“Repetition - Book” Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto / Art 45, Montreal
2012 “The Sleeping Water” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo / Jhonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans
2011 “Winter Dreams” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo / “Winter Dreams - The Story of Water” Spazio Light Box, Venice
2009 “The Portrait of Fruits” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
2008 “Knife in the Water” eN arts, Kyoto
2006 “SLEEPWALKER” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
1997 “Transmission, Congulation, Reflection” Gallery αM, Tokyo
1992 Jayne H. Baum Gallery, New York
1990 “Vertical and Horizontal” PS Gallery, Tokyo
1988 “Twisted Perspective” PS Gallery, Tokyo / Picture Photo Space, Osaka / Jayne H. Baum Gallery, New York
1987 Light Gallery, New York / Studio 666, Paris / Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo
1982 Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo / Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo / Suikatou, Tokyo
1981 Axis Gallery, Tokyo
Group Exhibitions
2018 “LUNA Festival - Media Art Friesland 2018” Nederlands
“INTERFERENCE” International Light Art Project, Tunis.
“COLLUMINA” International Light Art Project, Cologne.
“Recall” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
2017 “Convergence: Digital Media and Technology” Schneider Museum of Art, Oregon.
“Sparrow Night: Artist Working with Light” Museum London, Ontario.
2016 “CALL AND RESPONSE” Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Oregon.
2015 “Smoke and Mirrors” Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Florida.
“Venice Meeting Point” Navy Officer’s Club, Venice.
“Ryuta IIda, Yuko Ozawa, Ken Matsubara” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.
2012 “The End of Everything / A New Beginning” LARM galleri ,Copenhagen
2011 “Night Scented Stock” Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York
“The Tiger and the Sunflower” Schroder Romero & Shredder Gallery, New York
“Close Encounter” AKI Gallery, Taipei
“THE P.2 PROJECTS” Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans
“Forces” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 “Archetype of Photography, Froese, Matsubara, Przyborek” The Laznia, Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk
2009 “6 BIENNALE FOTOGRAFII” Galeria Mejska Arsenal, Poznan
2008 “The Story Box” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
1999 “Innovation/Imagination: 50 Years of Polaroid Photography” Ansel Adams Center for Photography, San Francisco
1994 “INSIDE OUT: Contemporary Japanese photography” The Light Factory Photographic Arts Center, Charlotte.
1993 “Breda Fotografica '93” De Beyerd, Breda
1992 “Photography in Contemporary Art” Walker Hill Art Center, Seuol
1991 “Compound of The Maniéra" Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Machida
”The 20th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, 1991”
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
1990 “The Silent Dialogue, Still Life in the West and Japan” Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka
“The Imprinted Ideas” Tochigi Prefecturl Museum of Fine Arts, Utsunomiya
“Les Fleurs” Studio 666, Paris / Galerie Photographique, Toulouse
1989 “Rétrospective des Artistes Exposé entre 1986 et 1988” Studio 666, Paris
“Group Show” Maoson de La Culture, Annecy
1988 “Expressions in Photography and Related Media II” Gallery Miyazaki, Osaka
1981 “The 12th Print Grand-Prix Exhibition” Nichido Salon, Tokyo / “Four Stars” Kado Gallery, Tokyo
Selected Public Collections
Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport, California
Maison du Livre de L' image et du Son, La Bibliotheque de Villeurbanne, Lyon
Bayly Art Museum, Virginia / Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Bell Atlantic Corpolation, New York / Readers Digest, New York
Goldman Sachs Corporation, New York.
Nippon Polalroid "Polaroid Corpolation of Japan", Tokyo
International Polaroid Collection, Cambrige, Massachusetts
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo
Deutsche Bank Collection
Bulgari Collection, New York.
Jordan Schntzer Museum of Art / Oregon
1991 “Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Award“ The 20th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, 1991