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Round Chair

Round Chair

Water Flowers

Ceramic plates, cup and statues falling through space slowly and breaking at the bottom on the ground. It is like a unstable and a fearful feeling of life such as in the bottom of people's minds.

Falling Down

The balls repeated dropped down in the water.

Broken Mirrors

The scenery reflected in a mirrors are broken by a thrown stones. These reflect the unstable feeling of fear in life.

Mekong Delta

This work shows 5 Vietnamese children in the Mekong River Delta, and they are floating up just as angels ascend to the heavens. This work dedicated for children who died during the Vietnam war.


This work uses old photos from a typical Japanese family's albums from before the world war Ⅱ, until after the war. I shot this movie by the light of a match. It is as if the match is melting frozen memories in the heart.