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Hou-chou - Floor Lamp
160 ×50 ×50cm
movie ( 8’00 loop) , floor lamp, projector

Hou-chou Floor Lamp

This piece, which resembles shadowgraph-like projection, depicts images of children performing the Hou-chou ritual (a symbolic practice in Buddhist tradition where one releases captive birds as an act of compassion) in Myanmar. There are vendors present at all times nearby the temples offering birds for the purpose of Hou-chou ritual, where visitors can purchase and later release them as a means to accumulate good deeds through acts of charity. The practice of releasing captive birds, however, is not exclusive to Buddhist prominent regions. In fact, such tradition has long been performed in areas of Europe as a symbol of honoring freedom. In today’ s complex society where various relational tensions arise constantly, rituals such as Hou-chou, I believe, may enable us to reaffirm the importance in admiring the notions of freedom and compassion.