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Repetition - Book "POTSDAMER PLATZ"
movie, mixed media
music stand


This particular photograph was found inside a dirty paper box I acquired during a visit to a flea market in Poznan, Poland. The picture shows a German officer with his wife and daughter, all dressed in appropriate manner. I initially assumed that this photograph was taken somewhere in Poland, however I wasn't able to find any cities that matched the scenery. I then had a feeling that this picture might have been taken in Berlin, and began searching for postcards and pictures of Potsdamer Platz. To my surprise, the facade and the particular style of windows behind the three figures matched perfectly with that of Potsdamer Platz. The small square pavements used in the sidewalks were identical, and still partially remains existent to this day. The Haus Veterland building was, at the time, a large-scale leisure center with theaters and exclusive restaurants. Perhaps, they too were planning to visit the theater and the restaurants that day. Potsdamer Platz was the center of Berlin economy during 1920s to 1930s. After the defeat of the WWII, the Berlin Wall was constructed near the location where the three figures were standing.